Thanks Alexander. I cannot begin to imagine the awfulness unfolding in Israel. There weee Irish casualties too. As long as the bond of humanity, especially for our children, remains intact, then there is always hope.

I sincerely wish your friends and relatives well and that we can somehow how end this bloodshed by our collective cry for justice.

Please keep up this blog. My comments are only meant to add to what you write.

With all the invective about these days online, your posts are a welcome and sane alternative in an increasingly crazy world

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Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

My own reply to your post was sincere. I like to believe I am not given to rhetoric. I see things as I find them. Since you write that the bad guys ( Russia, Iran etc) are involved in the Israel problem, I just felt it necessary to give you my take on that.

It is, in the end, just an opinion of one person.

I agree with part of your conclusion. But not with your choice of language.

‘cow us into submission?’

Should there be bloodletting in the Pacific, make no mistake, it will be from the USA too.

They are not without fault in their historical involvement. Their use of indigenous people for nuclear tests in the 1950s has to be on a par with what Mengel might have enjoyed, had the Nazis not lost the war. It was still a crime, and as with many others, the USA has not been held accountable.

The choice for the inhabitants of that part of the world is which bully do they want on their side.?

With the USA, a deeply violent and paranoid country, teetering on authoritarianism, it might become a difficult choice for Taiwan.

Your contention that Russia is involved with the Hamas attack?

Well, only time will tell. I would not be at all surprised. Their detonation of the Kakhovka dam shows to what lengths Putin will go in war. He is increasingly desperate.

But if it’s true, your contention of Russian involvement. Then it could be the precursor to a nuclear war. Till now Israel and Russia relations have been, well - cordial.

Where will Turkey stand I wonder? Erdogan will do what suits his personal rule.

In war, there are always agent provocateurs from both sides as well as propaganda. And they find pawns to use in their war game. Palestinians are not an exception, nor is Ukraine.

In the meantime I fear we are already in a global conflict, and that NATO is, without official declaration, at war with Russia.

China will be next which, unless calmer heads prevail, is increasingly likely to happen.

Over what? The desire for Hegemony by the powerful.

The history of Israel’s occupation, despite its breach of international and humanitarian law, cannot be waved away. Hamas is, relatively speaking, a fairly recent problem. They are now useful to the powerful on one side, just as mollifying and supporting an increasingly fascist Israel was expedient to the powerful on another side.

Pulling out of Gaza whilst simultaneously rolling out settlements in the West Bank was not the peace which the PLO fought for.

The radicalisation didn’t just pop from nowhere. It is rooted in historical injustice.

Extremist interpretations of Islam, whether it is Shia, Sunni, filling the void, just as Christianity did in Ireland. Offering false hope and ultimately self destruction to the oppressed. Meanwhile the innocent suffer.

The Hamas slaughter was, tragically, the first time that Israelis experienced what its own government has been meting out to the Palestinians for many many years.

There have been summary executions in people’s homes, of children too. These are testimonies by former Israeli soldiers.

Israel’s record of detention and torture of children is well documented, but ignored.

Somehow the world has been convinced that one of the most powerful nations on Earth, a nuclear state, is ‘defending’ itself against refugees from its very occupation.

When Governments finally condemn an atrocity in Israel in unison, it is only when the latest tragic death count is Israeli.

Just reading today that actor Jamie Lee Curtis accidentally posted a photo of Gaza’s children in a post supporting Israel.

My earlier point about cognitive dissonance!

A Palestinian friend, a refugee, who despite receiving her visa some time ago, is at the back of the refugee housing list here in Ireland. Unlike many Ukrainian refugees, she has given up hope of returning.

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I’ve followed your blog on the war with great interest. Your perspective has been refreshingly valuable. But today’s article has me deeply depressed to say the least.

I truly disagree with your angle on Russia and Iran.

To paint the Palestinian resistance as a proxy war between Iran and the infidel West is just, I’m sorry, but complete nonsense. It is merely expedient for Iran to support all Shia led militia around the world.

Just as it was expedient for Libyan dictator Gadaffi to help arm the IRA here in Ireland.

It was an alliance of convenience for both parties.

Your total denial of Israel’s occupation and its rapacious ethnic cleansing of the West Bank ( where there is no Hamas to blame.) frankly beggars belief.

But the world we live in appears to have completely lost it’s collective mind as well as the lessons supposedly learned from history. A world in which the Left in the USA are now accused by white supremacists of being ‘Nazis.’ Putin, the biggest fascist alive, accusing Ukraine of being the same.

The history of disenfranchisement of Palestinians has been long and interminable.

As a supporter of Ukraines right to self determination against an imperialist occupying force, I was deeply disappointed at Zelensky’s lack of nuance in his response to the Hamas massacre, but oddly not surprised.

With a reliance on US money, how was he to do otherwise?. But still shameful.

Israel is a colonialist State. It was created, as was the Northern Ireland state, to be an ethnic majority. But since it’s occupation of Palestine since 1968, it has gradually descended into a deeper racial ideological mindset. It now wants to rid itself of all non Jews.

Just a slight problem, there’s still over 5 million indigenous Palestinian people to deal with.

Since Trump and the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, the USA has finally removed itself from being anything other than the financial backer and social conscience of what is now a de facto neo-fascist state. Many Israelis including ex IDF believe their country has descended into fascism. Many Jewish organisations have condemned Israel’s past actions. However western governments think otherwise.

What does this truly say about us?

What Hamas did was unjustifiable. But Israel’s predictable response was swift and immediate and expected.

But just last night the EU displayed one flag (Israel) and a minutes silence for only Israeli victims. All while the latest in a long history of massacres of civilians in Gaza continues once more.

There was no minutes silence for the 2018 massacre of the Gaza civil rights march. No condemnation for the hundreds of West Bank casualties to die this year alone at the hand of settler / IDF violence. No wall to wall news coverage of previous brutal and well documented Gaza bombings, in which thousands of innocent women and children perished.

No condemnation or solidarity for the thousands being brutally expelled from their homes. Despite frequent cries of human rights abuses from the UN Human Rights Watch. Even a major Amnesty International report blithely ignored.

The cognitive dissonance of western governments, if that is even what it can be called, is frightening.

America is not without the blood of millions on its hands. Their illegal invasions of the Middle East gave Putin the validation to declare his own war on Terror.

I stand firmly with the people of Ukraine. But I also stand with the Palestinians. They may have become the pawns of Iran backed Hamas to some. But they are the victims of a long and cruel occupying force which now runs a sophisticated apartheid system.

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